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Stealing from a few others, specifically Windfalcon:

Write an assumption you have about me in a comment below, and I'll tell you how accurate it is!

I'm more curious than anything else what people think about me (especially those who have never met me). Go ahead, go wild, even in-depth stuff like where I live or what my life is like. I'm really curious :D
Flight Rising is accepting new registration!

If you do register, please let them know that SageKorppi referred you.  Thanks, and hope to see you there!
My adviser, Anne Clark, was interviewed about her work with our crow population:  

Apparently ABC News picked up the story as well:

So happy our birds and studies are getting public attention!! C:
I'm not dead, I've just been suuuuper busy.  Unfortunately since art rarely overlaps with my professional life, it takes the back seat to everything else I need to do.

Hope everyone is doing well and your holiday season was rad C:
Please see the following link:…  

If you could please spread the word, I would be very, very grateful!

Thank you!
Thanks for the feedback!  I've decided to just create the same blog on Blogger and Tumblr to give people more flexibility in commenting and sharing.  So here you go, "The Corvid Blog"!

Tumblr Edition
Blogger Edition
I'm going to start the corvid blog I've been meaning to start, but first I want to know what blogging platform YOU prefer, as a reader.  Please communicate your answer via poll here:…

Edit: I created a new poll (…) because I want people to take in to account this will be a primarily text-based, information blog, not a photo blog.  I'm concerned about the commenting system on Tumblr, but if you all still like it, then please vote!

Thank you so much for everyone's feedback on the social media journal I posted a while back.

I agree with a lot of folks that too many places to follow an artist can be overwhelming, so here's where you can find me and what will be posted there:

DeviantArt - Art and the occasional journal.
FurAffinity - Exact same art as DA and same journals.
Nabyn - Same as the two above, though I often forget to update it as regularly as DA and FA.
Raven Droppings Tumblr - This is my art tumblr for works-in-progress and general musings about projects and art.  This will rarely overlap with DA/FA (unless there is a journal/announcement I'm trying to give as much exposure as possible).  I may start talking about head-world stuff here as well.
CorvusAnimus Tumblr - This is more for me to reblog things I enjoy and to interact with people on Tumblr in a more casual way.  This is all just stuff I like, this will not be an art vehicle for me.

For the record, I love interacting with people on Tumblr!!!
Thank you everyone who responded to my previous entry, I read them all!

First off, I didn't think "head-world" would be that misinterpretable of a concept, but I got a few people questioning what I meant (from various places I posted this to).  Let me clarify; by "head-world" I mean a fictitious world or universe you have created characters for, stories for, environments for, etc.  For example, the entire world where George R. R. Martin's books A Song of Ice and Fire take place are his "head-world"; the Harry Potter universe is J. K. Rowling's "head world"; etc.

I have a few more questions for you guys (which I will answer as well):

1. What do you plan on doing with your head-world?  Why did you create it/them?  
I have two main ones and I created them because they were concepts or stories I haven't seen, but would like to see.  They also center around topics I like to think about, are important to me, and want to discuss creatively.  I've thought about how I want to get them out to the public.  I would LOVE to do a comic, but I am very weak at sequential art and, more importantly, I have no time.  I've thought about writing a series of novels or books, but I fear my scientific writing skills murder my ability to write interestingly and creatively for fiction readers.  What I would really like to do, realistically, is spot illustrations for a written story, much in the style of The Katurran Odyssey.  However, if we disregard reality?  I'd love to see my concepts as movies or as television series!

2. Do you openly share your head-world with the public?  Why or why not?
I don't share either of mine at the moment.  I often teeter around on whether or not I should.  I worry about a couple of things.  If I share my worlds I run the risk of my ideas being plagiarized by people who can put out media much faster than I can and therefore losing credit and control of my concepts.  However, I worry that if I don't share my head-worlds publicly then if someone happens to converge on my ideas, and gets them "out there" before me, then I'm the one looking like the copy-cat or plagiarizer.  At the moment I feel like my concepts are sufficiently unique that I don't have to worry about the latter, but you never know!!

How about you guys?
Cross-posted to my Raven Droppings Tumblr.

Does anyone else have multiple head-worlds?

I have at least two.  Both are very distinct in how they are structured, the characters, base issues/concepts, and the kinds of stories they generate.  I often find it hard to decide which one I should focus on more.  Sometimes one takes the back seat to the other readily, but sometimes, like now, they are both fighting for attention.

Anyone else have this, or a similar problem?  I'd love to hear how you manage multiple worlds, and even a little bit about them would be fun :)
My husband and I entered a Fender contest where you take a photo of you with Fender equipment at a licensed Fender dealer. My husband is super pumped about this. I'm here to pander to all of you and ask for your votes! You can vote on more than one photo and you don't have to "like" or sign up for anything to do so. Here are links to the photos of my husband and me. Thanks so much!……
Kevin, Anne, as well as Andrea and my social network are in this news coverage about crows :)…

Also, THANK YOU very much for all of your feedback on my previous post.  It was super helpful!
I have some questions for you guys that I would be very grateful to receive feedback on:

1. Do you like having artists you watch be more accessible online?  I.e. using multiple sources of social media to talk about or display art?

2. If I were to make a public Twitter would you follow it?

3. Do you use Tumblr?

4. If I were to make a SageGoat facebook page, would you follow it?

5. Would you be interested in my science and natural history thoughts and ramblings on these social media outlets?

Thanks for any feedback!
A friend of mine is going through an incredibly rough time.  I know a lot of folks are having a hard time lately, but she's not only facing homelessness, she's also dealing with a cancer diagnosis for her very young dog.  Please, spare some time to read and if you can donate or even just boost the signal, I'd appreciate it.

>>Read more here<<
(Redirects to her journal on FA)
KatieHofgard is selling stickers to benefit victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire, and other fires in Colorado right now; this will benefit people like Zack's and my friends Rob and Laura who have been forced out of their home. Please consider buying one or contributing directly. Thank you.…
Four years ago, today, I married my other half ♥  I love you so much ZackSmithArt. Thank you for sticking by my side all this time ♥ ♥
My friend wayward-drui was awesome enough to feature me in a photo shoot!!

Here are a few examples:

Faery Queen by wayward-drui In Motion by wayward-drui Serenity by wayward-drui

For more photos from the shoot, please go visit her gallery!!  It's full of awesome photos of people, naturescapes, and animals!!!
I have finally made an art Tumblr!
For all of my avian-inclined friends.  I found this photo on Flickr and it is AMAZING reference for bone structure, and how feathers attach and sit on a bird wing, especially in flight:…

Just wanted to share!
I have made a new tumblr: